June 14, 2006

New Johnny Cash


One-hour music intensive special celebrates the release of American V: A Hundred Highways, the all-new Johnny Cash album from his last studio recordings before his death in September 2003.

The songs from these final sessions are presented along with exclusive comments by both producer Rick Rubin and the Man in Black, himself. This program is a great way to premiere these new songs before the CD is in stores from Lost Highway Records on July 4, 2006.

American V: A Hundred Highways includes the last song Cash wrote (“Like the 309”), in a stirring mix of covers and originals that Rick Rubin describes as “…Johnny's final statement. They are the truest reflection of the music that was central to his life at the time. This is the music that Johnny wanted us to hear.”

As an added bonus, Johnny Cash: The Last Highway also features Cash performing some of his best known tunes live from the 1994 Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Tres Hombres Productions - Paul Rappaport, Jym Fahey, Mitch Maketansky.

  • Host: Meg Griffin
  • Broadcast Window: Begins June 30, 2006
  • Contact: Andy Cahn, cahnmedia@comcast.net, 215-279-7632
  • Length: One hour with breaks for local spots.
  • Terms: Available for all USA broadcasters to air at no cost
  • Spots: No barter spots are built into the show.

This program is currently in production and more details will be confirmed soon.


Christian said...

Hi, nice blog here. Love Johnny Cash. Thanks for the info on the show. I'll be listening.

Ralph Drake/ The Rough Draft Freeform Radio Program said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Johnny at a few occasions. While I was Program Director at WNTI I was lucky enough to have been handed advance copies of his First American Recordings Sessions. I played it with out a preview! My listeners heavely identified him with my program "The Rough Draft Freeform Radio Program". He is for ever in myy mind the Pre-Eminent Freeform Recording Artist of all time! He didn't give a damn about demorgraphics because he knew that stats only pointed out where things have been....not where they are going! He reigns for ever in my heart with exception of prehaps The Beatles alone in artistic integerity.I played his songs "Gods gonna cut em down" and "The 309" my listeners called in large numbers thanking me for playing it for them....Cash lives!!!!

Hear more of The Prophet in Black every Monday night on www.homegrownradionj.con 9:30pm 'till midnight and agian on www.wdvrfm.org tuesday afternoons 3till 5 pm broadcasting from deep in the heart of jersey!