October 27, 2005

Traffic / Steve Winwood Special - Noncom Cue Sheet


Cue sheet & track list Noncom Radio Version

Track 1 (28:41)

In Cue - Music Fades up - Host "Hello, I'm Ken Dashow." * Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys * Medicated Goo * 40,000 Headmen Out Cue - Steve Winwood ".when we return."

Track 2 (30:19)

In Cue - Host "Hi I'm Ken Dashow." * Dear Mr. Fantasy * Different Light * Gimme Some Lovin' Out Cue - Host - ".thanks for listening." Horse Hooves fade

Tracks 3-6 (00:30 promo spots)

3 Next Week 4 This Week 5 Tonight 6 Music Bed Only

Promo Music Bed Script for local DJ

Hi, this is _________. The Last Great Traffic Jam is a live celebration of Traffic's last tour. You'll hear the music from that DVD, a little Traffic history, a bit of Steve's latest solo work "About Time", a guest spot by Jerry Garcia, and some words from Steve Winwood, and this guy, Jim Capaldi. (Sound Byte) It's all part of Traffic: The Last Great Radio Jam, right here...

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