October 27, 2005

Daryl Hall & John Oates Live - Radio Special Cue Sheet

Daryl Hall & John Oates Live: Our Kind Of Soul Radio Special Cue Sheet Total Run Time without Spots -- 51:11

Track 1 (15:23) In Cue - Music Fades up - John Oates - "Hi and welcome…" * I'll Be Around * Soul Violins * I Can Dream About You Out Cue - Host - …"next on Our Kind Of Soul." Track 2 (14:52) In Cue - John Oates - "Our Kind Of Soul returns…" * Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get * Let Love Take Control * Love TKO Out Cue - John Oates "…when Our Kind Of Soul returns." Track 3 (14:23) In Cue - Host "This is Debra Rath…" * Sarah Smile * Maneater * One On One Out Cue - Host -"…we'll be right back". Track 4 (06:33) In Cue - Daryl Hall - "We went a lot from memory…" * Ooh Child Out Cue - Host - "…thanks for listening." Horse Hooves fade Tracks 5-8 (0:35 promo spots) 5 Next Week 6 This Week 7 Tonight 8 Music Bed Only Promo Music Bed Script for local DJ HI, THIS IS________. DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES HAVE BEEN MAKING SOUL MUSIC THEIR WAY FOR SOME TIME NOW, WITH A NOD TO THE GENRE WITHOUT BOWING TO THE STYLE. ON OUR KIND OF SOUL THE DUO PERFORM LIVE VERSIONS OF THEIR FAVORITE SOUL PIECES OLD AND NEW, ALONG WITH INTIMATE RENDITIONS OF SOME OF THEIR OWN CLASSICS. HERE’S DARYL.

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