July 13, 2006



The Garza brothers, Henry, Jojo and Ringo - known professionally as Los Lonely Boys - join us for a very special one-hour music intensive radio special to celebrate the release of their new CD, Sacred. Showcasing a mix of new songs and fan favorites, the Boys perform live both on stage and in an exclusive studio session. And the electric and the acoustic settings are equally explosive.

Hosted by Jody Denberg (KGSR - Austin TX), the Brothers discuss their family roots, spiritual ties and musical influences. The trio also puts the listener right inside the music as it develops, providing an amazing insight into the Los Lonely Boys process and an insiders' view of their signature "Texican" rock as well as the making of their new album.

Sacred, the new Los Lonely Boys CD, is in stores from Or Music/Epic Records on July 18, 2006.

Tres Hombres Productions - Paul Rappaport, Mitch Maketansky & Jym Fahey

  • Host: Jody Denberg (KGSR-FM, Austin, TX)
  • Broadcast window: Begins Mid-July 2006
  • Length: One hour with breaks for local spots
  • Contact: Andy Cahn, cahnmedia@comcast.net, 215-279-7632
  • Terms: Available for all USA broadcasters to air at no cost
  • Spots: No barter spots are built into the show
  • Preview or download this show from PRX.

This will be a great program to air around their summer tour dates in your market.

Listen to Sacred online with Rhapsody.

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