November 4, 2005



This one-hour music intensive radio special salutes legendary keyboardist Herbie Hancock.  Forty years after "Maiden Voyage," thirty years after Headhunters and twenty years after "Rock-It," Herbie Hancock continues to be one of the world's most influential and innovative musicians with the release of his new CD, Possibilities.

Herbie Hancock: Imagine the Possibilities features Herbie's new collaborations with Sting, Carlos Santana, Paul Simon, John Mayer and others.  Your listeners will also hear exclusive studio clips and interactions between Herbie and these artists as they record their tracks for the new CD. 

You also get two of Herbie's classic tunes - "Chameleon" and "Hang Up Your Hang Ups" - recorded live at the 2005 Bonnaroo festival.  His all-star backup band (The Headhunters '05) features John Mayer, Roy Hargrove, Marcus Miller, Kenny Garrett and others.

Contact: Andy Cahn, 201-386-1736,

Distribution: On CD
Length: 52 minutes in four sections
Spots: 8 mins available for local spots, no spots built-in
Promos: 4 30-second promos included on program CD
Host: Rita Houston (WFUV - New York, NY)
Producer: Paul Rappaport, Tres Hombres

Herbie Hancock's new CD, Possibilities, is in all record stores and Starbuck's shops now from Vector/Hear Music. Limited quantities of this CD and signed album art lithographs are available for on-air promotions tied to your broadcasts.

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